The Evil von Scarry Show

Posted on July 9, 2011


   As regular readers may know the blog has been yanked by Google. Its not a conspiracy and wasn’t by the powers that be ( that    Im aware of anyway)

but Im pretty sure as a result of me calling some Chinese spammers on their bullshit and well being the petty creatures that they are I would hazard

a guess that they have mass spammed Googles complaint center thus generating an automatic removal of the blog then it’s a guilty until proven innocent

policy there, its unfortunate and regretable but the hope is that the content should return whenever someone there pulls their head out of their asses.

Bashing on though the show must go on and we will be using this blog here to continue to provide material to the Evil von Scarry Show viewers and readers.

Thanks for your consideration while we are in transition and I try to get my head around the WordPress way of doing things. BBS . Cheers- EvS

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